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Extra Learnings make Perfect

Most students study Syllabus, a few have extra learnings.
Following topics are covered based on student's level. This is to make you perfect in all aspects.

Know All Around

Know about great personalities, current affairs, sports, politics, events etc.

Vedic Maths

Know the tips and tricks of Vedic Maths to make calculations faste

How Machines work

Stop wondering how things work around us. Know the science behind them.

Moral Values

Let us become full of good qualities in addition to technical skills.

Communication Skills

Our knowledge looses its value without proper communication skills. Let's be smart.

Writing skills

Lets learn to become a good writer to showcase our values and knowledge

Practical Geography

Lets know about the world in an interesting way to use geography in life.

So much more ...

List does not end here. There is so much with us to share with you.


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