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Ashu Pathak, Founder

"After qualifying IIT-JEE two times, I realized the great role of strong fundamentals received in school days."

IIT Alumni

Completed basic education from a small town in UP, but secured IIT-JEE rank 2000 and 3000 in Year 2003 and 2004. His clarity of concepts brought him to newer heights.

Understands the need of hour

He understands very well what a student needs to excel in studies and future efforts.

Ashu Pathak

Decade of Corporate Experience

With good working experience in USA and UK, he excelled in his career. He loved training others in concepts. He even guide others on how to give trainings.

Thinker and communciator

He has been guiding the education content development team to make contents which can make learning quick and easy.

Quality Control and Feedback Team

Team of professional to track progress of each student and take feedback from parents.

Education and Engineering Team

Have a team of professional teachers and engineers to bring quality education to each student.

Guest Speakers from Corporates

In our group events, we invite guest speakers from corporates and other successful sections to motivate students.


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